Established in 2008, Zopim has come a long way to be considered as one of the best live chat softwares today. A blend of cool & professional features makes Zopim an irresistible choice.

Unlike LiveChat, Zopim offers these core services at affordable rates, making it more acceptable than LiveChat.

Let’s check whether it stands true on it’s value offerings:

Ease of Use

Overall, Zopim is fun to use. Invest a little time to understand it and you can exploit it to your advantage.

Set up

Set up is similar to LiveChat & almost all other chat softwares. Just copy paste the code & start chatting instantly.

Chat Window Appearance

Zopim has good template designs which look professional. Choose from a spectrum of colors.

One thing worth mentioning here is their Eye Catcher. It is very attractive to induce the customer to chat.

Chat Features & Customization

  • Zopim has a very detailed customization options.
  • You can customize chat title, themes & its color, badges, agent avatar & customer surveys & many more.

You can move your chat widget anywhere on the site.

Agent Tools

You can smoothen the agent’s work to a great extent in Zopim

  • Tags & Canned responses:In addition to the short tags, Zopim also answers the customers based on
    their past conversations.
  • Triggers: Zopim has a lot of default & customized triggers.
  • Email Piping:Forward the chat transcripts to the email id of your choice, necessary for reporting.
  • Operating hours:You can set the operating hours in the situation of offline mode.


Cobrowsing is currently not available in Zopim, making it sometimes difficult to solve complex issues of customers. But, we hope they will add it to improve the service.


Zopim’s reports are impressive and can be used for a lot of business decisions.


Zopim has integrated options with Highrise, JIRA, Batchbook and much more.


In a nutshell, Zopim is equally impressive as LiveChat but Zopim is quite affordable & can be used by small & medium sized enterprises.

Demerit of Zopim can be its own complex features. Although, some features are added advantage for agents, it takes some time to understand it for a plethora of options.

But, if you are a quick learner, Zopim is really a great choice for your business. Try it & you will not regret it.