Why Should you outsource your Live chat process?

Online business is booming and how! If you run an e-commerce site and are finding it difficult to cope with customer service, it is time you considered starting a live chat option on your site. People do not have the time or patience for correspondence and one that may take days or even hours to be responded to; they are looking for instant address. You may argue that you have automated responses to every step of the process but there is nothing to beat the personal touch as opposed to machine responses.

Why Live chat:

Before we get into why you should outsource the live chat, let us briefly look into why you need live chat in the first place.


Why outsource the Live chat process:

We have dealt with how important it is for your online business to be backed by live chat.

Now if you were thinking on lines of appointing chat operators inhouse, it is advisable to reconsider your decision.

  • What we are talking about here is volumes of chat and it is not possible for just a couple of chat personnel to handle it on their own. You need a dedicated and trained team to handle the live chat system.
  • Once you outsource the live chat task just think about all the free time you could have to channelize and focus on other aspects of your business. At the same time, with the chat operators being online round the clock, any glitches on the site can be immediately noticed and measures can be taken to set it right.
  • An unanswered query means an unsatisfied customer. The situation couldn’t get worse if the live chat option is open and there is no one to attend to the query of the customer. So to be available to your customer and address their concerns you need a 24/7 chat operator which may not be possible without a chat service provider.
  • Constant interaction with customers gives you first hand feedback from them and measures to improvise your products and services can be undertaken. Excellent customer experience can be achieved and satisfied customers automatically lead to more business.
  • One of the obvious reasons to outsource the chat is the cost involved. You cut down considerably on the cost incurred to appoint, train and supervise a team of chat operators. By outsourcing, you can control the team and have your say in the matter without the extra hassles involved in managing the team.
  • Live chat operators are the face of your company while interacting with your prospective clients and they need to have impeccable language skills and perfect conversational skills to guide the customer through the entire sales process. For this you need the backing of skilled personnel who can ably connect and engage with the customers.