If you are a big fan of beautiful designs, Olark is for you. Olark has consistently proved its design based leadership from its inception. Good chat features blended with great designs make Olark a good choice in this category.

The services of Olark are quite expensive.

Let’s look at its core features to check whether its pricing really justifies it.

Ease of use
Overall, Olark is easy to operate.

Set up
Use the snippet code on your website & you can start Olark immediately.

Chat Window Appearance
Olark has very impressive & rich template design options. Enjoy it.

Chat Features & Customization
Customization of Olark is basic. Not much different to offer. Customize the text, select color, use chat surveys.

However, Olark has awesome designs, also seasonal & holiday designs to give a personal touch to the window.

The problem with Olark is that its widget features are not that advanced with the pricing they have. So, it can be a put off for a business.

Agent Tools
Olark has provided standard tools to help agents facilitate the chat process like Tags, Visitor tracking, Chat History, Greetings and Transfer Chat

Olark also has a good list of reports to analyze the business in an effective manner.

Can be integrated through CRM, Highrise and many more.

Olark is basic in features and high in designs. It’s pricing is very high for the features it provides. That’s why it’s not very logical to opt for Olark by spending so much money.

But, like it is said earlier, if design is your forte, Olark can be a good choice for you.