Whenever a market is saturating, some innovative start up comes up & redefines the whole industry for greater good.. Yes, we are talking about Chatrify.
Began in 2014, Chatrify is rapidly capturing the market by its breakthrough live chatting features & advanced support system.

Pricing of Chatrify is very economical, making it an easy choice for every enterprise.
Free for Lifetime$9/Month$14/Month

Let’s see why Chatrify is becoming a favorite choice in the industry:

Ease of Use
Using Chatrify is as very easy. It’s simple and absolutely user friendly.

Set up
Sign up & copy paste the code in your website & you are a go for Chatrify.

Chat Window Appearance
Chatrify has offered visually stunning templates to insist customers to try the chatting. Try different colors, too for the templates.

Chat Features & Customization

    • Chatrify has provided all the freedom to you to customize the chat window.

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Auto Invites
Chatrify has a smart way of automatically greeting the customers, inviting them to chat. Select from the existing ones or create your own. It’s that simple.

Add as many goals as you want to see if you are achieving what you have planned.

Agent Tools
Chatrify has empowered the agents like never before. These agent tools can fasten the problem solving time to a great extent.

  • Tags: Quick creation of shorter responses.
  • Chat History: Automatically stores all history. You can even email the transcripts..
  • Visitor tracking:: Track your visitors from their source, page visits, time on website, their browser, OS, device & much more. These are highly useful to understand consumer buying behavior.
  • Transfer, Ban or stop chat: Work as a team, transfer chat if you can’t resolve it, ban the visitor or even stop the chat in emergency context.

Analysis of each detail through reports is a chief advantage of Chatrify. It gives you an extensive list of reports for every customizable period. You can even combine two reports or two chat elements to get a fair view of every activity.

Chatrify is integrated with WordPress , SugarCRM, Shopify and many more to smoothen the chat operation.

Innovation is always refreshing. Chatrify has really created new horizons in live chat domain. Its simple yet effective design, smooth & fast working, advanced features, great support staff & knowledge base is making Chatrify the front runner in the minds of today’s customer.

Chatrify’s pricing is also very fair. So, if you want to make every effort count & want to explore new heights in live chat software industry, you got to have Chatrify.