LiveChat Inc.

LiveChat Inc.

Undisputedly, the best live chat software present today, LiveChat has set high benchmark in this industry.

The very first classic thing about LiveChat is the name itself. It’s not just a company name but also defines the whole industry. It takes a leader to have such generic name which also comes with a huge responsibility.

Pricing of LiveChat is expensive. But, they justify it with the range of features & services.
StarterRegularTeamEnterpriseEnterprise Plus
$16-per seat/month$30-per seat/month$33-per seat/month$50-per seat/monthCustom Pricing

Let’s see the core features LiveChat has to offer:

Ease of Use

Using LiveChat is a real treat for your business. It’s very easy & simple.

Set up

Just sign up & copy paste the code in your website & you are done.

Chat Window Appearance

LiveChat’s chat window looks visually great & they have provided a variety of templates to choose from.

One thing worth mentioning here is their Eye Catcher. It is very attractive to induce the customer to chat.

Chat Features & Customization

  • LiveChat has all the advanced chat features available today in this industry.
  • You can customize
  • Text
  • Agent details
  • Customer surveys: All Pre-chat , Post-chat & Offline forms are available with custom details to ask customers.


LiveChat has provided many useful triggers to invite customers to chat. You can even create your own triggers in LiveChat.

Agent tools

Control & power given to the agents decide the success of chats in this business. LiveChat has given it more than enough.

  • Tags: Create shortcuts for regular responses easily.
  • Offline messages: Default message when agent is not on the desk.
  • Chat transfer: Transfer chat when one agent can’t solve the issue.
  • File sharing: Agent & customer can exchange files to speed up chat process.

However, some of the tools in this category are complex & takes some time to understand.

Ticketing System

LiveChat’s ticketing system is very impressive and you can solve the customer issues very easily through this when you are offline.


Analysis of your performance in customer service is an integral part of any business. LiveChat reports give you an ultimate tool for that purpose in the form of Reports. It has an extensive set of Reports to give you a clear idea of your performance.


LiveChat offers many integration options like WordPress, Shopify, CRM, Magento & many more. Also, for social media integration, LiveChat is great.


LiveChat is our first choice in live chat software choices. It has everything a business wants, to please their customers and ease for agents. It’s very elegant and simple.

The only downside is their pricing. It’s on a higher side. But, if you prefer features & services more than pricing, LiveChat is your ultimate choice. Their support & knowledge base is also quick & resourceful.

So, don’t look back, use LiveChat, the industry leader for the customer service.