Talk about balance in every area of live chat feature & you get a name Kayako. Targeted mainly for medium & large sized corporations, Kayako is really a sophisticated & professional chat tool

The pricing of Kayako at entry level is dear but otherwise fair.

Let’s get it’s review:

Ease of use
We found Kayako easy to use.

Set up
Insert the code snippet on your website & you are a go.

Chat Window Appearance
Beautiful & varied is the apt description for Kayako chat window appearance. Their templates are attractive.

Chat Features & Customization
With a lot of chat features, Kayako sometimes gets complex to understand for beginners. Therefore, some lag period exists.

You can change text, add agent details, set online & offline mode & customer surveys.

They have also added ticketing system to get customer info while you are offline.

Agent Tools
Great tools are provided by Kayako to fasten the chat process . Triggers, which they call Macros are good. You can chat, use tags, get chat notifications, use history.

Analytics & Reports
Kayako has thorough analytics for visitor tracking and good list of reports. But, like said earlier, it requires a lot of time investment to understand it completely.

Although, Kayako is stuffed with great features, it is very complicated for a layman. As a businessman, you are not always in a position to invest that much time in training your agents thoroughly. For entry level, Kayako is pricey, so only big organization can afford to subscribe it.