iadvize is a chat tool which has visitor tracking features so advanced that you will forget its other drawbacks. Right from its website to some of its chat features, iadvize impresses in the matter of customer communication.

The pricing of iadvize is on a higher side compared to other players in the industry.. The cost that is specified is based on the page views. So, it might become even more expensive for your business.
Small BusinessStandardStandard Enterprise
$24.90/Month$24.90/Month discussion with the business ownerDepends on the discussion with the business owner

Let’s look at this advanced chat tool & see how it fairs on the review:
Ease of use
iadvize is easy to use and simple to understand.

Set up
Set up is also quick.

Chat Window Appearance
Appearance of chat window is good. The template designs are elegant but variety is limited. Addition should be done.

Chat Features & Customization
You can customize from a text to agent details, customer surveys and many more.

Click to chat, call or even a video.

Triggers are smart to engage customer to chat & you can create your own triggers based on the need.

The drawback is their chat features are limited & there is room for improvement.

Also, their language translation is not proper, causing frustration while using the tool.

Agent Tools
iadvize offers great tools to empower agents. Create canned responses, discussion panels, transfer chats, email chat transcripts, chat with multiple visitors at a time.

This is where iadvize is the best. Their visitor tracking is ace in industry. You can get extensive details about almost everything customer is doing on your site from iadvize.

  • Source of visitor
  • Time on website
  • Pages visited
  • Time on each page
  • Pattern of visit

iadvize virtually gives you an exact picture of each customer activity as if you are spying on them. (of course in a positive way)

These tracking are very useful in understanding consumer buying behavior & taking important business decisions.

iadvize has great report tools thanks to their tracking features. It can help in taking a lot of critical decisions.

Magento, Oxatis, Joomla.

iadvize is a great chat tool with amazing tracking features & good agent tools. But, there are still many areas where it has to work hard to stay in the business. Moreover, pricing is a concern for small & medium sized business.

If analysis of visitors is your major concern, you should opt for this French chat tool.