Some corporations target big size companies & HelpOnClick is one of them. It is suitable if you have a large employee base, many departments and multiple websites.

HelpOnClick is really useful in such contexts and it also has different plans to suit every business need.

So, how good is HelpOnClick?

Ease of use
Overall, HelpOnClick is fairly user friendly.

Set up
Copy paste the code on your site and you can start chatting.

Chat Window Appearance
Focused more on departmentation & pricing, HelpOnClick really lacks the attractive appearance & templates.

Chat Features & Customization
HelpOnClick offers standard features which every other competitor is offering such as chat text, agent name, image and many more.

However, it has multi-website support which is very useful for bigger corporations.

HelpOnClick’s triggers are also great to invite customers to chat.

Agent Tools
Share files with customer, transfer chat, see chat history and many more.

Virtual Agent
This is a great concept from HelpOnClick. Virtual agent identifies the customer response, question and reverts like a human, thereby customer does not know it’s a system generated response.

Major social media like facebook, twitter, & google+, Joomla, Drupal.

HelpOnClick is not for everyone. It is useful for larger corporations. It’s operation is complex to understand. But, with time, you can get a hold of it.

Feature wise, there is still room for improvement. But overall, HelpOnClick is really impressive.