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123ChatAgents offers top notch live chat solution that helps healthcare professionals and organizations interact with visitors in real time. Our dedicated team of agents can help you in assisting customers and solving their issues promptly thus enhancing your profile.


The healthcare industry is growing rapidly and new products and services are being introduced every day. Healthcare customers often require information that is very precise and personal. Not finding it instantly on the website can lead to frustration and losing the customer altogether. Our live support solution ensures that every customer goes away content with the information they need. This not only creates a positive impression in the mind of the customers but also propels you to the top of their buying preference. 123ChatAgents chat support solutions are apt for the following industries:


  • Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Care Institutes
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • HealthCare Insurance
  • Dental Clinics
  • Nursing Homes
  • Diagnostic Centers
  • Community Health Organizations
  • Medical Equipment and Supplies Sellers and Manufacturers
  • Medical Offices etc


Healthcare inherently demands a superior level of support and prompt delivery of solutions. Our agents are equipped to adapt to the highest level of customer values and diligently cater to requirements. To ensure that the patient’s privacy is handled with utmost care, our agents are compulsorily required to complete the HIPAA training.


We also understand that catering to healthcare customers requires a certain level of compassion and sensitivity. Our agents are trained to be supportive, kind, friendly and caring while serving your visitors. We take it in our stride to serve your customers as you would serve them thus freeing a number of essential resources. Our continued chat support ensures that you are able to focus on tasks requiring more attention.


We use only the best live chat software in the industry and strive to achieve communication that exceeds expectations. Our service takes extra care in ensuring that customers never come to know we are handling the chat process on your behalf. It includes customizing the chat widget to go with the whole theme and appearance of your website.


123ChatAgents believe in having transparency in work and seeking complete approval of the client. This is why we go an extra mile in ensuring that every chat is well informed and you have complete knowledge about the chat operation. Our non disclosure clause helps keep our identity discreet while you enjoy positive customer feedback.


Contact our support team and engage the best real time support in the industry. We are here to serve you by serving your customers.