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Sales Lead Capturing

Reaching out to your target audience has never been easier thanks to the advent of online chat support. Every high potential buyer visiting your website is an opportunity to capture leads. Manage your website traffic with our round the clock pioneering chat support. For integrating a robust internet marketing strategy we make use of the best live chat software in the industry. Our highly competent chat agents instantly take over the chat process once the software is integrated with your site. We provide seamless training to help our agents get acquainted with your brand in a manner that allows them to deliver the most promising support.


Below listed are some of the Sales Lead Capturing Actions

  • Ensure that every opportunity is carefully handled to generate high quality leads
  • Use of social media platforms like Facebook and other software to enhance the process
  • Deploy a vetting process to ensure that agents with the most specialized knowledge and experience are engaged for your particular niche in the industry
  • Train agents in industry specific expertise to ensure high customer satisfaction
  • Enhance lead capturing ability to as much as 300%
  • Guarantee positive outcome and consistent long term results
  • Have a Dedicated Account Manager to centralize the process and make it simpler and faster
  • Generate Daily report accompanied by lead information
  • Have a Non Disclosure Agreement in place to ensure discreet management of the chat process


Using our effective chat service will help you create a high ROI. What works in our favor is our versatility and flexibility in handling a variety of niches. We have served clients as diverse as ecommerce industry to pharmacy and insurance. Our affordable rates and competent processing will allow you to capture leads as well as handle customer service all in an inclusive package of $69 per month. Get in touch with us today and experience the chat advantage that we provide.