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Dedicated Account Manager

We are dedicated to providing unmatched customer service to your customers as well as you. When you sign up for 123ChatAgents you are assigned a Dedicated Accounts Manager. This person is in charge of centralizing and handling your process. All your queries and concerns regarding any aspect of the service can be dedicated to him and you can be sure of getting a quick response. The professional will be available to you through any of the preferred communication channel.


Here are some of the responsibilities of the DAM

  • Design strategies and training modules to help agents get acquainted with every minute detail of your service
  • Ensure that the right agents with the relevant industry expertise are sought for the right job
  • Ensure that the agents learn the correct way and develop efficient ways to handle visitors of diverse temperaments
  • Ascertain that quality lead capturing is on track and regular reports are sent to the client in addition to sending lead data

One of the advantages of availing our professional solution for customer support through a DAM is that you get an uninterrupted flow of information about your online chat process. It not only helps you understand and review the service but also communicate with us and help us enhance our services. Our lead generation solutions are 100 percent white label. We also use industry’s leading live chat software to keep your chat process top notch.


Affordable rates are a highlighting feature of our service. We charge a modest fee of $1 per chat and a minimum contract of $69 per month. You can rest assured that our proficient team of chat agents and your DAM will help coordinate the whole process expertly. With us cost effectiveness is a benefit as we do not tie you down in monthly contracts. For more information get in touch with us and let the DAM answer your queries and help you take a well informed decision.