Comm100 is a decent chat software with standard chat features and good support. It is simple, smart and can be used by beginners as well.

Pricing comes in three plans:
TeamBusinessBusiness (with MaximumOn)

Following is our review for Comm100:

Ease of use
Comm100 is easy and fun to use.

Set up
Just copy paste the code on your site. It’s easy.

Chat Window Appearance
One word for Comm100 chat window: Clean. It’s visually elegant and offers good variety of template designs.

Chat Features & Customization
Comm100 has good customization features. You can design & have text in your own branding & style.

Add different colors, collect customer info through pre-chat survey by facebook & google+ login.

You can use & even create custom triggers to invite customers to chat automatically.

The major drawback with Comm100 is it does not have a real time language translation. It causes lot of trouble & disappointment when you get stuck with some issues.

Agent Tools
Standard tools for agents are available like canned responses, chat history, using chat campaigns in emails.

Comm100 does not have a cobrowsing option.

KPI Reporting (Key Performance Indicator) from Comm100 is good for analysis and they also have good visitor tracking tools.

Social media like facebook & google+, Salesforce, Google Analytics, Zendesk.

Comm100 is a simple chat software, fun to have but its limitations outweigh its elegant working. Pricing can be a concern as small size companies can’t afford it.

Comm100 has to work on core chat features and their translation tools. But, if you love simplicity & ready to mint some money, Comm100 is worth a try..