Customer Success Story

  • Our customer support was completely overhauled with the services of 123 Chat Agents. By rendering continuous customer and spot on responses our service was able to provide turnkey solutions. Their assistance has taken a major load off our shoulders, enabling us to focus on improving our services and allot more resources to vital processes.

    R. M. Smith ,
  • 123 Chat Agents came in at the right time and simply revolutionized our chat support for us. The team is highly competent and has done a splendid job so far even handling heavy traffic. We were able to increase our conversion rate manifold. All my thanks go to their continued support.

    Cliff Anderson ,
  • As a business, it is a delight to partner with 123ChatAgents for our chat process. They are quick, super responsive and easy to work with. Their support has been unrelenting throughout and so very professional and adaptive, it has been a huge help.

    Tait Pollack , DDS Hosting
  • 123 Chat agents have helped us dramatically transform the sales support for our customers. Their built-in FAQ system is user friendly and equipped the agents with the skills needed to provide a responsive service. Thanks to them, we now offer the finest customer support in our niche.

    Sam Sativa , Seed Supreme
  • We, at Completenet, are thoroughly satisfied with the customer support offered by 123 Chat Agents. While offering 24 hours services, the company uses the best software in the industry to equip their agents with the right tools to provide comprehensive assistance. Their commitment has been a huge help in enhancing the level of our customer satisfaction tremendously.

    Mark Rodriguez , Completenet

Why Choose Our Live Chat Service ?

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About Live Chat Software that we use
  • We use the most advanced and effective software in the industry
  • We cover the cost of the software and the agents providing a cost effective solution.
  • The Chat widget sports the style and colors of your brand.
  • Customizable attention grabber
  • Framing a proactive chat invitation for the chat process
  • A LiveChat Inc certified partner